Shape and Style Ideas of Built-in Swimming Pool Designs

The way to have a built-in swimming pool designs on narrow land is one fun way to learn and do a home project at your house, especially if you do the construction for a private small swimming pool. Even I think  the presence of a swimming pool on your occupancy will actually be able to increase the selling value and aesthetics of a property.

Shape idea of Swimming Pool Design

There are so many forms of a small minimalist home pool that you can use as some of the ideas below:

Oval Shape: Oval shaped swimming pool is perfect for narrow pool types. The shape at a glance looks like a slightly oval shape. The application of swimming pools shaped like this will look more attractive when combined with landscape concepts around the swimming pool.

Elbow Shape: This form is usually made because it is constrained by land or made to optimize the available land, or serves as a sealing need.

Octagonal Form: This form is an alternative form to be able to find a design form from your small swimming pool. This type of design is rarely used but can make your swimming pool look more unique. This design should also be applied in the backyard of your house.

Rectangle Shape: The design of a rectangular swimming pool is a favorite form that is often used in minimalist type houses. You can also use the space on the side of the house or the remaining land to make a swimming pool that is narrow but elongated.

The Style idea of Swimming Pool

In addition to the above forms, you can also form a unique swimming pool tailored to the design concept that you are planning. like the ideas below:

Minimalist and Contemporary Style Swimming Pool

It is made by utilizing the remaining land. For example, the shape of the swimming pool in the image follows the shape of the letter L that flanks the dwelling and by utilizing the walls of the house that uses glass elements to make the impression of luxury in the midst of limited residential space.

It is coupled with a contemporary style that will really fit the design when combined with modern style dwellings. In addition to adding a natural feel to the courtyard terrace, this minimalist swimming pool will also enhance the overall aesthetics of the residence.

Small Wells Type Swimming Pool

This design is an amalgamation of outdoor concepts with interiors that use elements of light effects as a complement to the look of your pool. Dramatic effects will be seen especially at night.

Where the achievement of the ambiance of the room you want to produce is a swimming pool that will be a place of relaxation that can have the effect of tranquility. By thinking of the right lighting techniques, you can make the atmosphere of the pool more romantic. Those built-in swimming pool designs are good for your home.