Stylish contemporary dining room design ideas

Stylish contemporary dining room design ideas will present adorable space not only to eat but also for discussion or talk about something. Setting up your dining room with contemporary look will make it out of homey and make it as a good place for bonding activity with the member family. Choose right accents and fixtures will give a great deal on making an adorable place for dining room design.

Design ideas for contemporary dining room

•    Casual modern look. Create a contemporary casual dining room from black and chrome chairs that perfect to deal with the light shaded objects in a dining room. The wall and floors are colored with light cream shade color. It also works with the built-in cabinet that uses for store dishes, wine rack, and plate.

•    Intimate contemporary dining room. For the second ideas, it works with a comfortable seating arrangement that comes from colorful chairs. The colorful chairs brighten the dark wooden table and chairs stand. For the lamp, the hanging yarn ball cage lamp makes it look simple and nice.

•    Dramatic white and black. For the next ideas, work with the dramatic look of the combination from white and black.

•    The classic look of the contemporary dining room.  For you who love classic but do not want to look old and bored, this classic fixture in the chrome finish will be a great complement for the area. The velvet bold color in the wall with an accent of strings light adds the warm into the room.

How to design a contemporary look dining room

•    Keep it simple. Simplicity is the main idea from contemporary design.  Simple is deliberate more for your texture, create clean lines. Focus to the shape, color, and space and keep the interior designs always fresh and sleek.

•    Color use. The contemporary style uses neutral colors, black and white as the main colors. You can play with bright and combine with bold color to against the neutral patterns. When the wall come in basic neutral, then use bold color for accessories wall backdrop.

•    Focus to the line and space. Look at the line. The visible line is the evidence from the contemporary style. You can find the line of the interior design from the high ceilings, geometric wall art and sculpture, bold color blocks and the bare window.

•    Furniture. It should be simple, uncluttered and done without any curves or décor. The smooth and geometric shape keys for the item that you want to fill in contemporary dining room design ideas.