Mid-Century Modern Designs of Interior Living Rooms

Designs of interior living rooms are a lot. One of them is a mid-century modern design. Overall, this type of interior design has simple features which are integrated with nature. Usually, this interior design applies a big window so that the air and light circulation can be kept well. If you want to apply this design to your living room, here are the inspirations.

Brown Furniture

Dominate your living room with brown furniture, from the coffee table until sofa. Choose a coffee table with a unique shape on its legs that forms a geometrical pattern. Even though the size is small, this kind of coffee table can be the focal point on your mid-century modern interior design in your living room.

Herringbone Pattern Rug

In order to make your mid-century modern living room has more modern nuance, use a downy rug with a herringbone pattern and soft color as a decoration. Do not doubt to use 2 sofas with different shapes and colors in one living room. This idea will make your living room looks more lively. Add a hanging lamp in the corner in order to brighten your living room during the night.

Big Glass Windows

The main typical characteristic of mid-century modern design is the use of a big window, as it is said before. Use a big glass window in your living room so that you are able to save electricity in the morning and day. Moreover, by using a big glass window, you can also enjoy the view of your backyard or front yard without having to get out.

A Touch of Blue

If brown can give a warm touch, blue will give a soft and cheerful impression to the interior design of your living room. Combine white walls with blue sofas, and add a striped pattern rug of blue and white. Fulfill the walls of your living room with various paintings.

Exposed Walls

Have exposed brick walls to create a focal point in your mid-century modern living room. This kind of walls will bring a natural and warm atmosphere, especially if you combine it with wooden living room furniture. The colors from the wooden furniture and exposed brick walls will accentuate the mid-century modern interior design. Add old-fashioned chairs to make the design even stronger.

Mid-century modern design often uses warm colors such as brown, olive green, mustard, yellow, grey, and greenish blue. Follow those inspirations above to have mid-century modern designs of interior living room.