What Are The Best Dining Room Plans And Designs?

This article will discuss the dining room plans and designs. Well, the existence of a dining room or a minimum of a pair of chairs and a dining table is very important in every house. Moreover, the habit of eating food at the dining table can increase appetite. In addition, eating with family members can also establish intimacy with each other.

However, the design of a popular little house lately has made it difficult for the owner to present the ideal dining room. Don’t worry, Rumah.com has prepared five ideas to easily create a dining room for a house with a building area of 36 square meters!

Neutral Color Selection

One obstacle to presenting dining set in a small house is the concern to make the room seem full and narrow. For that, try to choose colors and furniture with neutral colors so you can give the illusion of relief and calm in the room.

Choose a dining table set that uses natural materials such as rattan and wooden tables. While the L-shaped corner sofa will be reminiscent of interior design in a modern-formal restaurant. Both of these designs are complementary combinations.

Attached To the Kitchen

Confused about choosing between a spacious and functional kitchen or a neat dining table set? You can combine both of them. The trick, choose the same furniture color to make it look harmonious. Then, place the countertops table parallel to the dining table.

This trick not only makes your kitchen look more spacious and cool but makes the dining table wider to serve a menu of dishes.

Add a Mirror

It’s no secret that the presence of mirrors in the room can give a wider illusion of doubling. This also applies to your dining room area.

Place a full body mirror that rests in front of your dining table. In addition to being able to reflect at any time, your open plan design room will also seem more relieved than it really is.

Chair Hanging Out

Chairs hanging out, also known as the popular bench, are chosen by food stalls to entertain guests who eat at the place. The simple design without backrest makes the ideal bench used for a combination of chairs at your tiny dining table.

Round Table

Who says that eating should be wide and square? You can be slightly eccentric by choosing a medium-sized roundtable to fill the dining table in the corner of the room.

Furthermore, choosing a backrest sofa will remind you of a unique retro restaurant. For the backrest to feel more comfortable, you can add a few soft pillows on it.

Then, do you have other dining room plans and designs?