The Benefit of Using Home and Garden Room Planner Application

If you want to design a room in your home or make the layout of the furniture or floor plan, use home and garden room planner will give you many benefits. The room planer from Home and Garden is simple, but effective to use. The application called Arrange-A Room.

Start to arrange the room

•    Measure and make the draw. Measure the length and width of the room. Note for any installation or built in pieces that unable to move.  Add boundaries from the room to the paper room planner.

•    Formulate the floor plan. Make a balance line into your room. Next step, take a traffic pattern that you want to make. After that, decide on the focus of the room. This mean, you need to make a focal point to the room, create one that will attract people’s eye when entering the room.

•    Start to arrange the room. Draw the objects, choose the color, and measurement if any objects that you want to set.

Pros and cons using the app

The home and garden room planner is one of the best free design apps online. It is easy to use to design the room.

Pros: you can easily change the room shape when you design, the clear and helpful guideline and instruction, simple to adjust the furniture size to get exact measurement and dimensions that you are searching, the color from furniture and other objects are able to change virtually as you needed.

The cons: there are lots of adjustments that need to do to get the exact dimension, there is a limited option for furniture types and decoration accessories that able to add, there is no option for “undo” if you want to correct any mistakes. The most important thing, when you need to use this app, you need to sign up your account.

The features available in Home and garden room planner

There are several features that you need to know when you want to plan a room with this app.

•    There are 4 different room shapes

•    Choose a color tab is the coloring option for objects and furniture.

•    There categories that able to pit in the room include a table, shelving/storage, Seating, office, bedroom, and accessories.

•    After the room created, it can be printed or send by email. You also can save it to the account you already make before and have easier access to it later.

Creating and designing a room is never easier with home and garden room planner. You can make and adjust as you needed.