Buying a house and garden bed linen guide

There are many types and models from house and garden bed linen that you can buy for your bedroom. What the best guide when you buying good bed linen? Here are the guides needed to buy good bed linen.

Types of bed linen

The types of bed linen fabrics depend on your personal taste and lifestyle.

•    Cotton. It is cool, absorbent and also versatile. This fabric is affordable and available in many shape and forms. It is breathable and easy to wash and durable.

•    Egyptian cotton. This is one that luxurious cotton. This type is usually expensive from other cotton types.

•    Supima cotton. Such as Egyptian cotton, it has long cotton fibers that make it a durable and fine finish. This material gives the strong but still feels soft and luxurious to the skin.

•    Flannel. Flannel is woven of Supima cotton and it finely brushed that pull out the tiny fibers. It gives smooth and velvet that perfect for winter.

•    Silk. It is versatile, hypo-allergenic and provides enough warm in winter and still cool in summer.

•    Linen. This is material that one of the most comfortable fabrics for sleep in. linen cool, absorb and makes this linen is ideal for warmer climates and summer.

Threads count

Thread counts are the mark of the bed linen quality, as higher thread count, it has higher quality. The thread count gives indications on fine and smooth of linen when it against skin feels. The finest and the quality from the thread also another factor that lower threads count is more luxurious than the thicker yarn.

Shop the house and garden bed linen

House and Garden bed linen have a perfect collection to make your bedroom look beautiful, warm and comfortable to sleep. They have wide range pattern, color and texture to choose that fit with your lifestyle and personal taste.

•    Linen Osborne long cushion has bold color accent that perfect to add a bright feel

•    Linen oxford pillowcase

•    Wool David cross throw a flag

•    Brushed cotton pillowcase

•    Bamboo and rattan daybeds from Freya

Care your bed linen

If you care the bed linen as well, it will keep it in good shape and make sure you have a hygienic and clean bed for sleep in. wash and air out the bed linen. Change the bed linen once a week. Follow the instruction of cleaning method that recommended and use the optimum temperature to keep it clean. By washing house and garden bed linen regularly it will prevent the bacteria build-up that can lead to a health problem.