The Modern Swimming Pool Design for a House

Do you have a dream to have a modern swimming pool design for a house? Of course, it will be fun, but there are some things that you must consider before building it, including the area, the location of the house, and the needs of its users. Both of these will determine the design that is suitable for you or your family. Here are 3 Modern Pool Inspirations that can be applied to your home:

Tropical Modern

For those of you who love the tropical atmosphere on the beach, you can try adding a wooden decking area on the edge of your pool with a beanbag or a sun lounger for sunbathing. Don’t forget to also put a large beach umbrella in Bali to add to the tropical impression coupled with the use of furniture with bright colors and the selection of plants such as frangipani trees.

Compact (Tiny)

Having a private swimming pool does require land that is not too small, especially considering that land is increasingly limited in urban areas. But this is not impossible for those of you who have a hobby of swimming. With a compact size, you can adjust to the available land or replace the garden function in an open area with the swimming pool.

Indeed, the distance traveled is not as far as generally normal. But you can still use this mini swimming pool as a place for soaking to relieve fatigue in the body. The material used is also important so that it cools the eyes and gives the impression of being spacious, including the use of bright blue or natural green colors.


If you want privacy with an outdoor atmosphere, courtyard design can be your choice. With this design, the swimming pool placement is right in the middle of the house surrounded by other spaces. You can still swim in an open space with awake privacy. The swimming pool is also a beautiful view that can be enjoyed from various corners of the house.


You must have imagined an atmosphere of swimming with an open view. Of course, in addition to calming the eyes, the natural scenery will also cool the heart and this can be achieved with the design of the modern infinity pool can create that impression.

Of course, your home location is an important factor in designing this type of swimming pool where homeland should be in a beautiful suburban area or at a higher level than the surrounding area so that the impression of infinity can be achieved. If the location of your house is in a crowded area, you can outsmart the boundary area with a hedge so that your privacy can be maintained.

So, which modern swimming pool design for a house will you choose?